March 20, 2011

Tifani's Birthday Bash Giveaway

This is my first Birthday Bash Giveaway that I'm holding. I'm holding this Birthday Bash Giveaway to thank all my followers and to Celebrate Tifani's 4th Birthday! I can't believe that my little sassy pants princess is going to be 4!!!

All giveaways will close on Tifani's Birthday March 23rd at midnight(pst) and all winners will have until March 24th at noon to respond. All Giveaways will be posted on this post: scroll down for the other giveaways! All giveaways are open to U.S. only except the $100 Cash Giveaway, which is open worldwide! 

Also Please Remember that if you post the Birthday Bash Button on your site and comment telling me where your link is, you'll be entered into a separate $50 Cash Prize Giveaway that is open worldwide & only to those that place a button on their site! This is my way of saying Thank You for supporting My Birthday Bash Giveaway!

$25 Blockbuster Gift Card

$50 Target Gift Card

$75 Toys R Us Gift Card

$100 Cash or Pay Pal

Disclosure: The following Companies:Target, Toys R Us, and Blockbuster have no affiliation with my giveaway.


Midwestern Gone Idahoan

How fun!! I put your button on my blog -


Posted button on my blog sidebar:



Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Tifani!!
Happy birthday to you!!

....and many more!!! ((HUGS))

Hope she has a great one! You are only four once! :)

Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}

Wishing Tifani a very Happy 4th Birthday :) *Thanks* for the giveaways!

The Birthday Bash Giveaway button is in my sidebar, Events



Great giveaway! Thanks!


I've had you button on my blog for awhile now. It's right at the bottom with all my other buttons!

Thanks for the generosity

reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com


what a generous giveaway!!! Tifani is lucky to have a mom like you :)


I have your button on my Blog

Gina P

Great giveaways. Thank you..and happy birthday to your lovely daughter!


Thank you Tifani,what a generous giveaway!!!

Pixel Berry Pie Designs

Thanks for all these giveaways! I added your button on my blog.

Damla (Sweepstake Lover)

Thank you for the giveaway! I put the button:

annabell_lee_dk (at)

sarah shult

Happy BIrthday to your sassy pants princess Tifani and thank you for the wonderful giveaway! Simply Stacie sent me - Your newest blog follower:)


Thank you for this cool giveaway. Happy Birthday! I put your button on my blog as well.


happy 4th bday to your princess! thanks for the awesome giveaways, I loved how simple entry was :)


Happy Birthday Tifani!!
I posted your button on my blog
rahuss85 at gmail dot com


Your button on my blog
Happy Birthday mommy Tifani and Good Luck!!!

Mama V

Happy Birthday and thank you for the "presents!" :) I posted your giveaway button on my blog's sidebar.


Got your button here.

gmissycat at yahoo dot com

Diabetic Snacker Giveaways

I like it, kept thinking I was done and they just kept getting better! Thanks so much!


Happy Birthday to your little girl!!
I put her celebration button on my blog!
husskl at comcast dot net

Tirza @ Canadian Mommy Giveaways

The Birthday Bash button is on my blog sidebar:

Thanks for the giveaway!

canadianmommygiveaways at gmail dot com


This is so neat! Congratulations and I am glad to have discovered your blog.....!

Raven In A Blue Room

Happy Birthday :)

Nicole B

Thanks for the wonderful giveaways!
Glad I found your blog too!
New follower on every way -
Nicole from Mom Always Finds Out

PS 4 years old is so fun, getting so grown up!

Bunny B

Happy Birthday, Tifani!!

Button on sidebar:

bunnybx at gmail . com



Happy Birthday and thanks so much for this wonderful giveaways!


I added your button to my blog!
(scroll to the very bottom!)


oopps i forgot email;


I hope your daughter has an amazing birthday! Thanks for the wonderful Birthday Bash.



Happy Birthday, hope it's a blessed one. Thank-you for the giveaways:). ktk403 at gmail dot com


Thanks for all the giveaways! I added the button on my blog.

~ Tarissa

Mary Ellen

Thank you for the chance to win and Happy birthday to Tifani!


Happy birthday!
Got your special button - thanks.
barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com


Thanks for the chance to win such great prizes. Happy Birthday to your little girl!

zoe hunter lee

Happy Bday Tifani!!! is where I posted your button , on the right hand side...thanks for the gifties :)

Have a wonderful party,Zoe


Posted Tifani's Birthday Bash button on my blog: (at the very bottom)

Thanks for the chance and I hope she has a great birthday!


I have the Birthday Bash button on my sidebar:

Thanks for the chance to enter!


Happy birthday sweetheart !


Would love to win!!!!


Happy 4th Birthday Tifani!!!

Stephanie Thigpen

Happy 4th birthday, Tifani!

I placed your button on my blog! :)


Happy birthday Tifani!


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday! And thanks a lot for the chance.


Happy Birthday!

I posted your button

Its Just Me

Happy Birthday! I posted your button on my blog

itsjustme62613 at


happy birthday
willdebbie97 at yahoo dot com

Pamela S

Happy birthday to princess sassy pants! Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)net


Have your Birthday button on my blog:

Happy Birthday to Tifani.